Why you should wax in Winter!



Does the lack of sunshine prevent you from continuing your regular waxing regime? Do you slack off a little during Winter because there is no rush to get the bikini on and head down the beach?

Well let me tell you this. There are major benefits of Winter waxing that definitely outweigh the ‘sun only’ approach;

  1. Body hair grows in 3 different stages. Winter waxing will allow the hair growth to ‘catch up’ therefore removing the hairs at the same time, maximising the time needed between your next waxing treatment.
  1. Regular waxing will slow down the hair growth by weakening the roots. The hair grows back finer and eventually hair may stop growing back all together (results will vary).
  1. Winter waxing is a great way to ‘exfoliate’ dry flaky skin. The more you wax, the more dead skin cells you remove, the SMOOTHER your skin will be. In particularly, during winter when we are exposed to artificial heat, skin will become more dry, flaky and itchy….not to mention the increase of ingrown hairs this causes. YUK! GET IT OFF!
  1. Most importantly, you will be able to accept that last minute invitation to the Local Japanese Bath House without wanting to curl up and cry because of ‘what lies beneath’!

So hesitate no longer, GET WAXING!



First blog by Sandra

Ok, so this is the first blog. I am not really a great computer lover I must say but I have been instructed to be “up with it” all so here I am with my first blog!

My love lies in making you look beautiful!

I am passionate about giving clients my undivided personalised service to make them feel special and have amazing treatments that are of the highest standard. I aim to build long term relationships with clients, I enjoy getting to know people and what they are all about. Waxing, nails, spray tans and facials are what I love doing. Also, being based in Carlton for over 12 years, cake, pasta and Italian men also rate highly. So if it’s been a while, come and drop in and say hello at the new studio and have your fix of beautiful, not matter what form it takes for you!